Introduction to Manchester

The city of Manchester is predominantly known for its blend of culture, entertainment, history and the incomparable spirit of its people making for an unforgettable trip to the northwest of England. The city was once a manufacturing hub taking centre stage during the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s. Manchester has since transformed into a contemporary metropolis with museums hosting world-class exhibitions. This city is without a doubt the capital of the north and has been leading the path to the future for hundreds of years.

The people of Manchester, sometimes known as Mancunians, are a lively bunch and, at the risk of wildly generalising, come across as a little cheeky - falling on the right side of cocky. Mancunians are well aware of the fact their city is successful in high-street retail, business and, to some, more importantly, football.

Exquisite international cuisine is served throughout the city with the so-called ‘Curry Mile’ and Chinatown restaurant districts attracting foodies from far and wide. The music and general nightlife in the city is electric and Manchester can also lay claim to having produced such world-renowned bands as Oasis, New Order and The Smiths. It’s also spawned the renowned dance music and club night scene dubbed ‘Madchester’ in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s and the city still attracts up-for-it partygoers from around the UK every weekend.

The Northern Quarter area of the city boasts the finest bars, restaurants, shops, clubs and events in Manchester, which are very much worth a visit. For a shopping experience that’s just that little bit special, head over to the Trafford Centre. The famed shopping and entertainment centre draws a crowd of 35 million people every year. While many of them are there to shop and eat, in Europe’s largest dining court no less, it’s the world’s largest chandelier that hangs from above that is sure to make your food court meal, and your trip, just that little bit spesh. 

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