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Manchester Museum, owned by the University of Manchester, specialises in archaeology, the science of humanity and natural history. As the largest university-owned museum in the UK, it provides vital study and teaching material to many of its students and staff as well as being a major attraction in its own right. In fact, the museum brings in around 360,000 visitors every year, and holds 4.5 million pieces from every continent in the world within its vast collection.

The museum has seen a large growth over the years with the building being extended in 1927 to make room for archaeological and Egyptology collections that were acquired in privately funded excavations across the globe. A number of the museum’s other collections are also incredibly interesting, notably the mammal exhibition, which displays mounted specimens such as the lowland gorilla and a red panda. Birds found by the one-and-only Charles Darwin can be seen in the gallery as well as the bones of the infamously extinct dodo.

In addition to education, Manchester Museum is also famed for its mummy mystery. During the English summer of 2013, a time-lapse piece of footage was released by the museum claiming to show an ancient 25-centimetre Egyptian statue of Neb-Sanu spinning unaided around on the spot while it sat inside a locked glass cabinet. The statue in question dates back to 1800 BC and was found in a mummy’s tomb sparking debate as to whether an ancient curse has descended upon it or a more worldly explanation can solve the puzzle. Visit Manchester Museum for yourself to make up your own mind!

University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, England

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