Mexico City Weather Guide

Mexico City has a subtropical highland climate. Because of its location on a high plateau and its high elevation, Mexico's capital enjoys mild, pleasant weather nearly all year round with just two seasons: wet and dry. Regardless of the season, remember to carry a light sweater or jacket. On an average day, Mexico City is cool in the mornings and late evenings (around 15 degrees Celsius) with warm afternoons (around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius). The ideal time to visit here is between March and May.

Season and Clothing

Wet Season: June to October

From early June through September, warm, sunny days often change rapidly to cool, wet evenings – the rain is due to winds bringing tropical moisture from the sea. The area receives about 820 millimetres of annual rainfall, which is concentrated from June through September/October with little or no precipitation during the remainder of the year. On September 16, Mexico celebrates its Independence Day and the largest celebration takes place in the Zócalo, which is decorated from the beginning of September with lights in red, white and green like the national flag.

Average temperatures: 17 – 18 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Jeans, shorts and t-shirts, skirts and dresses.
Don’t forget: An umbrella and a light jacket for cool morning and evenings.

Dry Season: November to May

The warmest months of the year are April and May, before the rainy season starts, so the ideal time to visit Mexico City is between March and May. Even though the streets are pretty hectic at this time of year, your trade-off is beautiful, warm and dry weather. The cold snap occurs from November to February with the chilliest months being December and January. Elevation is another important factor. Due to Mexico City’s high elevation, it can get quite cool and temperatures can drop near freezing at night during the coldest months. On November 22, Fiesta de Santa Cecilia takes place in Mexico City's legendary mariachi square to pay homage to St Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians.

Average temperatures: 13 – 18 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Clothes for layering - jeans and t-shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses plus tights or thermals if visiting in December or January.
Don’t forget: A warm coat.