Mexico Transport Guide

While you might not ever want to leave the beaches of Mexico, you will have to eventually. Here, we scope out the best ways to travel from the airport, to the beaches, to the bars and beyond.

How to get around Mexico

For local travel, buses are often the cheapest way to get around, while taxis offer a quicker route- just be sure to agree on a price with the driver before you get in. For a happy medium between the two, the combi/minivan transport, referred to as colectivoare, is more flexible than buses and cheaper than taxis. Across country, travel is best done by plane or bus with most major cities easily accessed by long-distance buses and airports. Buses also range in classes with first class, known as primera clase, and deluxe services offering the most comfortable air-conditioned ride. Depending on the length of your journey, you may need to book your trip in advance to secure a seat. For something more stylish, see Mexico's coastland by boat on a cruise.