Middle East Transport Guide

The best way to get from country to country in the Middle East is by air with a variety of national airlines servicing the majority of the capital cities. Without an extensive regional rail network, although it is possible to travel between Syria, Jordan, Iran and Turkey by train, your next best option is long-haul buses to get to different regions, especially within the UAE. For flexibility, hiring a car is also a good option if you plan to spend a while travelling around, and some countries are so small you can drive from one end to the other in half a day.

How to get around the Middle East

Within the cities, most are designed for car travel and not pedestrians. Again, buses and minibuses are the best way to get from A to B in most capitals with metered and unmetered taxis services also available and reasonably inexpensive. Train services are available around Turkey, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Some cities in Turkey also have trams, while cycling is a good option for getting around Israel. Dubai, Istanbul and Tehran also have a metro system.