Monaco Transport Guide

As it’s such a compact country, walking is the best way to get around. Monaco’s public transport options include buses, taxis and hire cars, plus a system of free public elevators that takes you from downtown Monte Carlo to nearby districts.

How to get around Monaco

Let’s just say you won’t need to fly around this tiny sovereign state. In fact, it doesn’t even have its own airport - the closest is in Nice, France. However, there is a heliport in Fontvielle. Just saying. But just in case you haven’t saved up enough to buy your own chopper (or yacht) just yet, you can always just use your legs. Monaco is very much a walkable country. But if the winding streets get a little exhausting, you can take one of 7 public elevators 24 hours a day. Grab a map from the Tourist Centre to see where the elevators are located. There’s also a pretty great bus service, including night buses, which will take you to Monaco-Ville, Saint Roman, Jardin Exotique, Casino, Larvotto, Fontvieille, Gare and Hôpital. If you want to take the bus, buy a daily tourist pass, which allows you to travel all day with no limits. You can cruise around in a hire car too. There are plenty of carparks around the country and it’s actually surprisingly affordable to park. Taxi services are also available in Monaco, but you’ll have to call ahead or head to a taxi rank as they cannot be hailed on the street.