New Zealand Weather Guide

Positioned south of the Tropic of Capricorn, both the North and the South Island enjoy long days of sunshine, mild temperatures and high rainfall. The weather can change very quickly in New Zealand and cold fronts or tropical cyclones can quickly roll in so it’s best to be prepared if doing any outdoor activity.

Seasons and Clothing

Summer: December to February

The North Island shows the highest temperatures in New Zealand in summer. During this time, Auckland and the Bay of Islands are incredibly popular holiday destinations. Glorious weather is observed throughout these months with long sun-filled days followed by mild nights. Outdoor activities such as hiking in the bush, sunbathing on the beach and surfing are ideal with many locals taking advantage of the pristine weather.

Autumn: March to May

The temperature is clearly cooler over these months however it is still a very pleasant climate to visit New Zealand. It is possible to swim outdoors in northern regions until April. View the awesome effects of nature in Otago and Hawke’s Bay as the foreign introduced trees lose their leaves in a fantastic display of colour casting themselves apart from the native evergreens.

Winter: June to  August

The entire country is affected during winter. Cold weather sweeps the nation with rain in the north and mountainous regions becoming snow capped providing an excellent environment for skiing and other popular winter sports. In the south, temperatures are cooler although the experience is much more pleasant as rainfall is not persistent and days are relatively clear and crisp. Winter is a beautiful time to visit New Zealand’s glaciers and lakes as the scenery looks all the more impressive on a chilly winter morning.

Spring: September to November

New Zealand’s spring season can exhibit temperatures from anywhere between cold and frosty to comfortable and hot. The landscape flourishes as the spring season takes hold and the winter snap retreats. Spring also sees much of the country’s sheep give birth, with many lambs creating a cute sight throughout the countryside. Water rafting is also excellent at this time of year with an extra flow of water rushing into the systems.