Norway Transport Guide

There are many ways to get around Norway – by plane, bus, hire car or motorbike. But possibly the most spectacular transport method is by train. You can travel on many scenic railway lines across the country including the Bergen Railway, Flam Railway, Dovre Railway, Nordland Railway and Rauma Railway.

How to get around Norway

In Norway, there are more than 50 airports, so you can get anywhere fast, including northern areas like Lofoten. All of the larger cities also have airports with both domestic and international airports. Since low-cost airlines hit the scene, long-distance passenger ship services have decreased significantly. There are also express boats and car ferries around Norway. A bus is another great way to get around Norway. You can take a Eurolines bus or Norway’s biggest coach service, Nor-Way Bussekspress, which operates around 40 routes all over the country, except for northern Norway. In the largest cities like Oslo, you’ll find efficient local bus services too. You can also travel by train as the railways stretch more than 3,000 kilometres across the country and its beautiful countryside. You can even travel like Harry Potter here on the Rauma Railway – this was the train line used in the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’.