Norway Weather Guide

While this Scandinavian country shares its latitude with icy countries like Siberia, Alaska and Greenland, the weather in Norway is much more pleasant because of the Gulf Stream. So, there’s no need to pack that bearskin coat, unless you’re making a statement.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

You probably won’t be sunbaking in northern Norway, but some parts of the country have average temps of 25 degrees Celsius in the summer months. Late June to August is the warmest time of year and also when the days are the longest. The weather is the warmest and most stable on the eastern side of the mountains in the south – in between Oslo and Mandal. To experience the midnight sun, head to the north coast.

Autumn: September to November

The Norwegian landscape is golden and spectacular in autumn and while the temps drop a little at the start of September, it’s a great time to go berry and mushroom picking. In autumn, more of the temperature is lost from the land rather than the sea, so you’ll find the waters are still quite warm. If you prefer your climate to be a little warmer, head to the outskirts of Oslofjord during autumn.

Winter:December to February

In winter, much of the land in Norway is covered in snow, particularly in the lower inland parts in the north and the south. Temperatures can get seriously cold, reaching as low as -40 degrees Celsius in the inner areas of Troms, Finnmark and other parts of eastern Norway, although it doesn’t get this cold every winter. In contrast, the coastal areas are much warmer during the winter months. For an adrenalin rush, try extreme skiiing in the islands of Lofoten or snow-kiting, a mix of snowboarding and kite-surfing, in the Hardangervidda plateau.

Spring: March to May

At this time of year, Norway is at its most beautiful. The trees and flowers are breaking free from the snow, the icefalls are once again waterfalls, and the orchards are sprouting fruit too. There are also loads of public holidays in spring because Norwegians like to celebrate the end of a long winter. There’s quite a large variance in temps between the north and south of Norway during spring. Some days it will still snow and can be quite windy, but there are many lovely sunny days too.