Osaka Transport Guide

Osaka is positioned smack-bang in the middle of the central Japanese island of Honshu, so it’s easy to reach from other major cities. You can travel by plane, bullet train, bus, car or ferry to reach this friendly city.

How to get around Osaka

The entrance of the city is marked by Osaka’s bullet train station, Shin-Osaka. From this station, you can change trains to the JR line or subway lines that’ll take you into the city to popular areas like Umeda or Namba. As well as trains, there’s also a monorail in Osaka that departs from Kansai Airport. Osaka is also a water city – you can travel by water bus or cruise right around the city. There’s also a bunch of sightseeing cruises. Get on board the Osaka Water Bus, Captain Line or Osaka City Ferry Landing. Hiring a car to get around Osaka isn’t a bad option either. Just be prepared for heavy traffic. The main road in Osaka is the Hashin Expressway and you’ll find plenty of parking lots in Namba and Umeda. These lots can be pretty chockers on holidays and weekends though.