Things to do in Penang

Colonial British monuments are never far away when visiting Penang and are a must see whilst in the area. The impressive Georgetown white City Hall dates back to 1903 and looks periodically dated yet aesthetically brand new. It is a fine example of classic grand British architecture and has an undeniable presence.

Many buildings that define Georgetown are dated well over a century old including the Town Hall on the esplanade and Supreme Court which was built in 1809. It is hard to believe what Penang has been through in recent history and so visiting these buildings helps open the mind giving a rounder picture of such a special corner of the world. Another great Colonial landmark can be found on Georgetown’s most westerly tip. Fort Cornwallis was built to protect interests on the Island which was occupied by British East India Company at the time. The fort has many cannons pointing towards mainland and barrack buildings which can be explored.

The Penang National Park is a pristine site on the north-western tip of the Island. The park is a perfect natural environment for flowers, insects and animals with turtles nesting along the beaches, spotted leopards lurking timidly in the tree line and tropical birds soaring high looking for unsuspecting insects. Booking a tour is advisable as food can be provided along with a knowledgeable tour guide to lead the way.

See below for further information about where to visit whilst in Penang.


Batu Ferringhi

Batu Gerringhi is the top beach resort in Penang, hands down with great sunbathing weather, extensive shopping, well established hotels and an infectious nightlife.  During the peak dry season in December through to early February hotels price battle each other to gain customers while the area’s picturesque beaches provide holiday-goers with a  perfect summer holiday.



The world heritage site of Georgetown is a heavily populated town that holds onto its traditions tightly. Centuries old architecture serves as a reminder of its past and fascinating, generations old trade still commences daily with fortune-telling and rattan weaving available.


Penang Hill

See Georgetown from a height of 735 metres above sea level at the top of Penang Hill. The most accessible route up is onboard the Panang Hill Train which follows the early 1900s line taking about half an hour to ascend to the top. Plant and animal life is abundant off the beaten track which is why Penang Hill is a great place to visit.


Butterfly Farm

Located in the north of the Island on the edge of Telok Bahang Dam (a 10 minute drive from the popular resort of Batu Ferringhi) the famous Butterfly Farm attracts visitors from across Penang. A self titled ‘live museum’ the farm is educational and beautiful.


Penang Botanical Gardens

Originally an old granite quarry the gardens were developed in 1884 with some referring to them as the ‘waterfall gardens’ due to the location nearby a 122 metre high waterfall. The best way to get to the Gardens is to take the hourly bus from the Komtar building which will pull up to the front gates.