Peru Transport Guide

There are several modern modes of transport for getting around Peru. By plane is the most efficient, by bus – the most popular, or commonly by taxi. The capital city of Lima has a metro system, but often best way to around is in an antiquated truck.

How to get around Peru

Minibuses are an incredibly cheap way to get around Peru's big cities. There are 2 types: the combi (minivan) and the larger micro (typically an antiquated minibus). Combis are everywhere in Lima with drivers zooming around the city while the ticket collector hangs out the side door shouting out the destinations. Mototaxis, Peru’s answer to the rickshaw, dominate the roads in provincial towns, while ferries will get you around the Amazon region. If you’re heading long distance, the best option is to fly with a domestic operator or take a bus. Just be sure not to aim too cheap – you get what you pay for when it comes to comfort and safety on these coaches.