Phnom Penh Weather Guide

Hot weather lingers all year round in Phnom Penh with only dry and wet seasons experienced. If caught out in the wet, season monsoons can pass through the area dumping rain over the city and passing just as quickly. The humidity can come as a shock to visitors from cooler climate homelands. The best and thus most popular time to travel to this city is in the dry season. Cooler temperatures, which are still a scorching 30+ degrees Celsius, are pleasantly complimented with lower levels of humidity.

Seasons and Clothing

Dry Season:  November to March

The ideal time to travel to this city is between the months of December and January. Humidity is low and so the thick oppressive atmosphere is transformed into free flowing fresh air. Temperatures feel a lot cooler in this season even though the thermometer doesn’t appear to shift by more than a few degrees. 

Average Temperatures:  26 – 22 degrees Celsius with low humidity
Appropriate Clothing: General light clothing, shorts, t-shirts
Don’t forget: Hat and sunglasses

Wet Season: April to October

Many travellers will feel that this season is intense when out of air conditioned buildings. Carrying water at all times whilst on the move will help combat this. Humidity is high during this time and although known as the wet season, rain falls heavily and disappears just as quickly. Travellers that are not fazed by the odd downpour and manage to avoid them will still have a great trip. During the months of September and October rain comes thick and fast often flooding streets and overwhelming the weak infrastructure that holds the city together. Tourists are not advised to visit this area during these two months.  By the end of October the precipitation ceases and the humidity lifts rapidly off the area. Don’t miss the Water Festival which celebrates the change of seasons. Note that the Tonle Sap River also changes direction on the changeover of seasons too.   

Average Temperatures: 27 – 25 degrees Celsius with high humidity
Appropriate Clothing: Loose clothing, shorts, t-shirt, sunglasses, hat
Don’t forget: A light weight raincoat and quick-dry clothing