Czech Money and Currency Guide


Prague uses the Czech Koruna (or Czech crown)


There are plenty of Czech bank ATMs where you’ll be able to withdraw money. Just check with your bank before you leave to make sure your card can be used overseas. Using an ATM will generally mean your bank will charge you a fee, but you will get a great exchange rate.


It’s handy to keep small change on you for tram tickets and to use public toilets. Also keep small notes on you to use in cafes, bars and shops, as it can be difficult to get change for the 2000Kč notes that you’ll get from ATMs.  

Credit Cards

If you’re travelling, you should pack a credit card. Even if you don’t plan on using it, they’re handy to have in emergencies and to use for large purchases. In Prague, you’ll find many restaurants and hotels accept credit cards. You can also use your credit card in an ATM to get a cash advance. You’ll get a great rate, but you may find charges are higher than debit cards.