Prague Transport Guide

Prague has a pretty awesome integrated public transport network – a metro, bus and tram. It’s really easy to get around using public transport, but if you wish to hire a car or a motorbike you can do that too. Just be weary of the narrow streets in the city and that there are many pedestrian only streets too. If you’d prefer to get around on a two-wheeler, there are plenty of bikes for hire.

How to get around Prague

You’ll find information desks for Prague’s integrated transport network at four metro stations; Můstek, Anděl, Muzeum and Nádraží Holešovice or at the Ruzyně airport. Here you can buy tickets to use on buses, trams and trains, get a multilingual transport map and a detailed guide in English. The signage in the stations will be in Czech. There are two main signs you need to understand výstup (exit) and přestup (transfer to another line). While the public transport is ace, if you’re coming to Prague in start of autumn, the end of spring or in summer, it’s really nice to get around this fantasy-land by bike. There are plenty of places to hire bikes, like City Bike.