Queenstown Weather Guide

Seasons and Clothing

Summer: December to February

Summer in Queenstown is simply stunning, hosting clear blue skies, long days and comfortably warm temperatures. In the summer the most popular activities in the area seem to be walking, rafting, biking, fishing and water skiing. The Queenstown sun will rise at about 5am during this season and set at 10pm leaving ample amounts of daylight hours to get in all of those outdoor activities. Cold snaps do still occur on occasion but for the most part the weather is glorious.

Average temperatures: 19 – 29 degrees Celsius

Appropriate clothing: Shorts, t-shirts, a waterproof jacket

Don’t Forget: Sun cream, glasses and a hat


Autumn: March to May

Autumn is incredibly colourful in Queenstown with the leafy outlook changing colour and temperatures dropping at night. The most beautiful part of the Queenstown region is a small nook named Arrow Town.  Daytime temperatures can drop to around 10 degrees Celsius in Autumn while night frosts become more and more common the further into the season it gets.

Average temperatures: 4 – 25 degrees Celsius

Appropriate clothing: Trousers, jumper, waterproof jacket

Don’t Forget: A decent pair of walking shoes


Winter: June to  August

Winter in Queenstown is the peak tourist period and when a festival-like atmosphere comes to town. Snow only falls in the actual town centre once or twice a year, but falls on the ski slopes regularly. Daytime temperatures are cold and can fall to -5 degrees Celsius but if suitably dressed it is comfortable. During the night temperatures have been known to fall to around -15 degrees Celsius.

Average temperatures:  -7 – 10 degrees Celsius

Appropriate clothing: Under garment thermals, gloves, hat, scarf, coat, UV glasses and waterproof shoes

Don’t Forget: Sun cream and a thick pair of socks


Spring: September to November

Spring weather in Queenstown can be a little unpredictable.   Within one day it can quite easily change from being sunny and warm to bitter and snowy. During the early part of this season the snow conditions are still great for skiing as the temperatures rise just a little preventing hard ice. Temperatures are still relatively cold with bursts of enjoyable sunshine.

Average temperatures: 9 - 15

Appropriate clothing: It is advisable to pack for both winter and summer conditions. The temperature, wind and amount of rain/snowfall can vary wildly hour by hour

Don’t Forget: A decent pair of walking shoes