Reykjavik Basic Information

In the summer time, Reykjavik gets up to 22 hours of daylight. Maybe that’s why the people are a little different? If you want to know more about Iceland’s capital, read on.

Visa Requirements

If you hold an Australian passport you can enter Reykjavik and stay for up to 90 days in a 180 day period without a visa. That’s because Iceland is party to the Schengen Convention. Just make sure you have six months on your passport. Please note that this is all general advice. For the most up to date information, get in touch with the Iceland consulate.


In Reykjavik you will use the Icelandic Króna. Well, for now. In 2009, Iceland applied for EU membership and negotiations are underway. By 2014,  Iceland is expected to be part of the EU. When that happens, the currency will most likely switch over to the Euro – which is super handy if you plan on travelling elsewhere in Europe. But in the meantime, if you’re travelling to Iceland now you can exchange currency in numerous places – hotels, exchange offices and banks. Generally speaking, banks charge the lowest fees.


The food of Iceland has a seriously long history with some dishes dating back to Medieval times. Common ingredients often include lamb, dairy and of course fish, because of Iceland’s ocean surrounds. Some of the most popular traditional dishes are Hangikjöt, Kleinur and Laufabrauð. Hangikjöt is a smoked lamb, which is usually boiled and served with potatoes in béchamel sauce and peas. It’ll make you feel all Viking-y. Kleinur, a fried pastry, kind of like a donut, is the perfect finish to this Viking feast.


Reykjavík has made a name for itself as the place to go for seriously good music. And it’s not just the music that’s great - the people are all up for a good time too. On Friday night locals head off on a runtur – a wild late-night pub crawl around the city’s small but super trendy bars and clubs. There’s an emphasis on the late part. If you go out too early you might think the nightlife is almost non-existent. Hang at your hotel for a few first and head out later when things heat up at around midnight. Being from out of town, you might want to get in a little earlier though because it can be difficult to enter later if you’re not a VIP. Oh, and be sure to be glammed up - the dress code is pretty strict here.