Romania Transport Guide

Romania’s rail network has 9 steam trains still kicking around from the ‘20s and ‘30s that have been restored and kitted out for a unique (and leisurely) travel experience. Not long ago, Romanian teenager Ionut Budisteanu designed an artificial intelligence system that drives your car for you, but it's not available yet. For now, we recommend you stick with the rail system.

How to get around Romania

Romania’s railway network is probably the best mode of transport to get around the country for cheap, fast and reliable services. There are 3 main types of rail service: the regional/local trains are the slowest and cheapest; and InterRegional and Inter-City trains are faster and more expensive than the regional train. The former requires a seat reservation and both offer sleeper and food carriages on long-distance services. There’s an express bus service that connects Romania’s main cities, often with discounts when you buy multiple journeys in one transaction. Buses, trams and trolley buses are cheap and reliable when in Bucharest and some other cities, but the fastest and most reliable option in the capital is the subway. If you want to spend extra for a taxi, make sure you’re getting in a legitimate service by checking there is a taxi sign on the roof, driver credentials on display and a running meter.  Hire cars are recommended for the countryside, but not in Bucharest, with road conditions poor in some areas.