Rome Transport Guide

Here are the best ways to get around Rome:


The metro system in Rome is known as the Metropolitana and runs throughout the city centre every 7 to 10 minutes. There are currently 2 major lines - red and blue, which intersect at Termini Central Station. The earliest train leaves at 5:30am and services terminate at 11:30pm with the exception of Saturday nights when trains run until 12:30am. Tickets are easy to purchase and widely available at newsstands, tobacco stores and vending machines. Be aware that metro drivers do not sell tickets onboard.


The bus system in Rome is extensive to say the least with literally hundreds of lines running frequently from 5:30am through to midnight. Separate buses run throughout the night and service only the core routes. The main bus station in the city centre is in front of Termini Station. There are so many services visitors may not even need a timetable as it’s almost certain the bus will head towards your destination at some point. Like the metro, tickets must be bought before you board and single inner-city fares are cheap.

Car Hire

Gain independence in Rome with car hire. Be aware that the roads in Rome’s inner-city districts can be busy and littered with side streets, so prepare your passenger with a map. 

Scooter Hire

Hiring a scooter in the city is very desirable option as the streets of Rome can be thin and bendy giving you the upper hand when navigating across the city on 2 wheels. Most attractions can be accessed by public transport; however a scooter gives you the peace of mind that the day is yours with no time restraints. Try out a traditional Vespa like a true Italian. You'll have no trouble finding rental places all around the city with hire prices ranging between €40 and €50 per day.