Samoa Weather Guide

Samoa experiences an equatorial monsoonal climate with two distinct seasons: an annual wet and a dry season. Cyclone season is from November to April, while the ocean temps hover around the mid-to high-20s and the average annual land temperature is an agreeable 26.5 degrees Celsius.

Season and Clothing

Dry Season: May to October

The peak tourist season in Samoa is between June and August when Australian and New Zealand travellers are fleeing the southern hemisphere’s winter for the warm to hot temps, balmy nights and relatively less humid dry season. These months are great for local festivals and outdoor activities like surfing, snorkelling, diving, swimming and relaxing on the beaches as well as visiting the national parks, lava fields and villages.

Average temperatures: 23 – 30 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Shorts, t-shirts, sarongs (lavalava) and dresses.
Don’t forget: Good walking shoes and swimwear for the beach or pool.

Wet Season: November to April

The wet season in Samoa is also the annual cyclone season where the islands can get a battering from tropical storms with soggy, hot and humid conditions around the capital and surrounding areas – make sure you bring insect repellent for the mozzies! The southeast trade winds cool the inland temps slightly during these months, but there is not that much seasonal difference. December to February is also a good time for surfers with varied breaks.

Average temperatures: 24 – 31 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Lightweight pants, shorts, t-shirts and dresses.
Don’t forget: Swimwear for the beach or pool and a jumper for cooler nights.