São Paulo Transport Guide

A car-centred city notorious for pollution and gridlocked highways during peak hour, São Paulo also has an extensive public transport system with the metro, buses and taxis available for getting around the city as well as bus and commuter train services extending to the outer suburbs.

How to get around São Paulo

With five lines, São Paulo’s metro system is cheap, clean, safe and easy to navigate, although it does not go to all neighbourhoods. Where the metro doesn’t service you’ll be able to travel by bus, which is also inexpensive and has a large city network. The commuter train (CPTM) has six lines as well as a Touristic Express service. If you are staying in Sampa for a while, consider purchasing a pre-loaded Bilhete Único smartcard for use on the metro, buses and trains. Metered taxis can be hailed on the street, although the safest way is to call ahead. While there are few cycling paths in São Paulo, it is still possible to explore some neighbourhoods by foot during the day such as Centro, Vila Madalena and Jardins.