Things to do in Seoul

There’s always a buzz somewhere in Seoul.  South Koreans are canny negotiators – do you have what it takes to beat the price down? Begin in the delicious Noryangjin fish market. After you’ve taken a chunk out of a sea cucumber (try one, we dare you), hit the Dongdaemun spill of 30,000 stalls or cluck yourself silly at the Seoul Museum of Chicken Art – the best memories are often the weirdest. Relax with a stroll along the Cheonggyecheon Stream and watch the koi fish peck at breadcrumbs and bugs, or tempt your taste buds in worldly Itaewon.

Food aside - you really won’t stop eating in Seoul - the temples and shrines are captivating. Dense forest transforms Jongmyo Temple into an otherworldly palace then back in town, the serenity of Jogye-sa is unrivalled by any modern Buddhist shrine. History buffs will be tickled and saddened by the Seodaemun Prison. On the lighter side, the resplendent National Museum of Korea is world class and large enough for anyone to get lost on purpose.

Speaking of history, do you feel like exploring an extreme zone? The DMZ is waiting. The heavily fortified Demilitarised Zone offers a number of tours, including the chance to check out North Korean insurgent tunnels!

Are you done yet? Not quite. There’s one thing left to do and that’s dance, sing and have a great time. Okay, that’s 3 things. If there’s anything Seoul does well – besides almost everything – it’s party. From the cheap and cheerful Hongdae, to K-Pop clubs and designer bars of Gangnam, anything goes, as long as you know the words! Here’s our fave things to see and do in Seoul.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace combines a violent history, with royalty and intrigue. Find out what made Seoul an imperial city and a modern seat of power.

N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower boasts jaw-dropping views, varied and spectacular observation decks, gift shops, restaurants and more –there is no better place to capture a snapshot of Seoul.


Myeong-dong is your passport to the best shopping in Seoul. A bustling centre of shops, beauty, clothes and delicious food, visitors will be captivated by the energy, scents and diversity of this trade hub.

Lotte World

Skate, scream, climb and fall; Lotte World is an adventure park that has it all. From lightshows to parades, thrill rides to kids rides, this spectacular experience will have you running circles around your old self in no time.

The War Memorial of Korea

The War Memorial of Korea renews your appreciation for the discipline, resilience and determination of the South Korean armies during a conflict that produced the terrifying DMZ.