Siem Reap Currency Guide


Siem Reap uses Riel and US Dollars.


Before you go overseas you should contact your bank to let them know the dates you’ll be away. In Siem Reap you’ll be able to use your debit card in ATMs. The ATMs generally dispense American dollars. But don’t draw cash too frequently – you might find the fees on international ATMs are quiet high.


Before you go to Siem Reap, be sure to exchange some cash into Riel or US Dollars.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are really handy to have while you’re travelling – for big buys and getting out of sticky situations. In Siem Reap, most major credit cards are accepted in larger hotels and restaurants. In town, ATMs will also accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus and Plus. If you don’t want to pay fees though, look out for Canadia Bank ATMs. You can also get cash advances on your Visa or Mastercard from major banks and money exchangers. Banks are generally open from 8am till 3:30pm Monday to Friday and in some cases on Saturday mornings.