Introduction to Stockholm

Stockholm Syndrome is where you fall in love with your captor. Well, if Stockholm wants to keep us within its city limits, we’re okay with that, because this city is amazing! And yes, we are most definitely in love. Saunas. Swedish massage. Swedish meatballs. Guys called Sven. Oh yes, we love this place!

It’s arguably one of the most gorgeous capitals in the world thanks to its people and cityscape. Made up of 14 islands linked by over 57 bridges, Stockholm is home to beautiful architecture, green landscapes and air so fresh you could bottle and sell it. 

And it’s not just a pretty place to visit; it also has a rich 750-year history and wonderful culture. In Stockholm, there are museums aplenty and many attractions all over the city which can very conveniently be reached by foot. So take a stroll and breathe in the big-city life, the beautiful scenery and all the smiles and excitement of the Swedish people. Their joy is contagious.

You’ll find some of the cities favourite attractions on the island of Djurgården. Here you’ll find the famous warship, the Vasa; Astrid Lindgren’s Junibacken; and a seriously cool open-air museum called Skansen. It’s also a really lovely place to snap Stockholm from the water’s edge.

If you’re a fan of ye olden times, you shouldn’t miss Galma Stan – one of the finest preserved medieval city centres. Wander through winding streets lined with stalls selling antiques and handicrafts, art galleries and quaint Swedish cafes. It’s a perfect snapshot of the city’s past and also home to the Stockholm Cathedral and The Royal Palace.

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