Stockholm Transport Guide

The transport in Stockholm is awesome. There are so many ways to get around this fabulous city – boat, bus, tram, train, bicycle, taxi, car or motorbike. The public transport system Storstockholms Lokaltrafik, operates the T-bana metro trains, buses and local trains within the county.

How to get around Stockholm

There are so many ways to get around Stockholm, but if you’re going in the summer-time, you should really think about hiring a bike. Stockholm has a sweet network of bicycle paths and there are plenty of places you can hire a bike, like Sjöcafé. Probably the most useful way to get around though is the Metro. And it’s not just useful, it’s a work of art too. Every station on the blue line is decorated with modern art. The bus timetables and maps can seem complicated, but they’re worth getting to know because they provide easy access to a range of attractions. Given that Stockholm is made up of many islands, there’s a good chance you’ll travel by boat at some stage. There are frequent ferry services connecting many different islands.