Introduction to Sweden

So, you know how everything in Ikea is so neat and perfect? Well, welcome to the land of Ikea – a country so perfectly designed with beautiful things, beautiful people and beautiful landscapes. Find virgin forests, rocky outcrops, reindeer fields, cute and cosy cottages and the most amazing furniture you’ll ever lay your eyes on – not necessarily from Ikea.

There’s a certain style in Sweden – clean lines, simple clever designs, an enviable use of patterns, pastel and bright colours and only the finest materials used. It’s a style that flows through everything in Sweden – the architecture, the fashion, the art. Aesthetics is a religion for Swedish folk.

But it’s not all manmade; the Scandinavian country’s natural beauty is the one of the best things about Sweden. Venture out of the cities and sail the islands, trek through the wilderness or go mushroom and berry picking. The whole country is a hiking, biking and camping paradise. In fact, you can camp pretty much anywhere in Sweden as long as it’s not private property.

Tucked up in Northern Europe, Sweden is bordered by Norway and Finland. It’s also connected to its other Scandinavia sibling, Denmark, via a bridge tunnel. It’s a pretty damn big country too, the third largest in the European Union. Divided into south, central and northern Sweden, the country is home to about 9.5 million people with most of the population in the southern half of the country. In the south, you’ll find the gorgeous cities of Malmö and Gothenburg as well as rolling plains, quaint cottages, fishing villages and sandy beaches. Central Sweden is where you’ll find the peaceful capital of Stockholm, the medieval university city of Uppsala and the super-pretty town of Sigtuna. The north is the home of the indigenous Sami people. In Swedish Lapland, you can spend time with Sami people in a reindeer camp, take a dog-sledding tour and truly get immersed in their culture.

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