Things to do in Sweden

In Sweden, there’s a particular love of nature with its wide range of ecosystems, plants and animals and naturally beautiful landscapes making it a perfect place for outdoorsy activities. It’s also great for kicking back in the sunshine too. In Malmö, you can even watch open-air theatre performances in the extremely beautiful Queen Silvia Rose Garden.

In the north of Sweden, you’ll find the legendary Swedish Lapland. This place is truly one of a kind where you can stay in the world’s first Ice Hotel, sit around a campfire with a native Sami guide, go dog sledding and sample the local delicacy, souvas (also known as reindeer). If you’re around in January, you can watch the Northern Lights from the Aurora Sky Station. In summertime, the fun is endless too with fly fishing (for salmon) and hiking on the famous King’s Trail.

There’s also a lot of history to discover in Sweden – once the land of the Vikings. All over Sweden, you’ll see ancient rune stones in parks, massive stone ship settings and burial mounds. On your travels around the coastline, you’ll also see walled medieval cities, seaside fortresses and Viking ruins.

In the cities, you can tap into that famous Swedish style that has translated into Scandi home design trends and street style blogs followed around the world. In Stockholm, head to the hipster shopping precinct of SoFo (south of Folkungagatan) for a mishmash of fashion, design, vintage, music and homewares, or, if Krona is no object, Östermalm is the capital’s upscale district with exclusive labels and designer gear including local designers like Fillipa K. and Acne. Don’t miss shopping up a storm in the flagship store of homegrown megabrand H&M too!

You’ll have a hard time deciding on what to see and do in Sweden, but here’s our top 5 to get you started.

The Royal Palace

Built in the late 18th century, the Royal Palace in Stockholm has over 600 rooms with 5 museums that are open to the public and a daily changing of the guard parade.


Not only does Skansen contain the world’s oldest open-air museum, it also has a zoo and an incredible view over all of Stockholm.

Islands of Sweden

There’s every kind of island under the sun in Sweden including party spots, secluded isles where there’s nothing but wilderness, and islands with yachtsmans' hotels.


Welcome to Sweden’s world of world-class. World-class seafood. World-class restaurants. World-class coastlines. Gothenburg just could be the envy of the world.


It’s a Swedish city where all roads in the southern province lead to, so it must be good. Malmö is also where you can drive on to the mighty Öresund bridge that connects to Copenhagen.