Things to do in Switzerland

From December to March, Switzerland is not just a winter wonderland with picture-perfect landscapes; it’s also a destination for adventure. Whether you love to ski, snowboard or hike, the Swiss Alps have you covered. You’ll carve up some of the best powder in the world and if you’ve been saving your pennies, you can really live the high life at 4,000-plus metres up.

In summertime there’s plenty to do in Switzerland too. It’s the time of year to come for every adventure sport you can imagine. The Bernese Alps town of Interlaken is known as the national outdoor and adventure capital. Summer is also a great time to visit if you’re a water baby. Zurich, in particular, is full of water features and attractions with over 40 places to swim including Lake Zurich and the river. Some swimming pools also change from day to night. One moment you’re in your bathers, next minute you’re watching the theatre!

Swiss cities are varied and worthy of exploration. Geneva is a centre for arts and culture, not to mention the headquarters of a plethora of international charities and organisations, and German-speaking Basel is the home of Art Basel – the world’s largest art fair. Medieval centres and historic sights abound in the capital, Bern, as well as the picturesque cities of Lausanne, Lucerne and the Italian-speaking Lugano.

If your idea of getting active leans more towards pounding the pavement of fashion strips, you’ll be kept busy in Switzerland too. There’s also loads of cultural activities and history to uncover. And if you’re against getting active all together, why not just unwind on a cruise? Just take your pick of the many lakes including Lake Geneva. For our choice selection of what to see and do in Switzerland, here’s our top picks.


This museum and gallery houses Switzerland’s biggest collection of modern art. See works by Picasso, Monet, Chagnall, Alberto Giacometti and many other artists.

Swiss Alps

Whether you're a trekker, explorer, skier or boarder, the Swiss Alps promise so much untold adventure all year round plus stunning views.

Lake Geneva

Bound by mountains and lakes, the Lake Geneva region is an epic holiday destination for tourists and locals with its breathtaking landscapes, leisure parks and medieval castles.


This little German-speaking village in southwest Switzerland is known for its major ski resort and as a destination for international jet-setters. Pack your credit card.


Curious about how our universe started? At CERN, physicists are seeking answers to the big questions using the most powerful particle accelerators in the world.