Thailand Transport Guide

Most international flights from Australia to Thailand will disembark in Bangkok or Phuket. From there, Thailand has a number of transport options to get you all around the country and to the islands as well.

How to get around Thailand

The roads in Thailand can only be described as chaotic, which is why we don't recommended navigating them on your own or hiring a car. While small motorbikes and scooters are also a popular option for getting around, both for locals and tourists, make sure your insurance covers you as most places won't ask for more than an international car license and helmets are not mandatory. For long-distance travel, either domestic flights or public air-conditioned buses are your best option, with the latter being significantly cheaper but also taking longer. For travel around the cities and islands, many people opt to take tuk-tuks, a motorised rickshaw that is incredibly popular in the country. For inter-island travel, Thailand has a number of ferry services are available as well as private boat services including the traditional longtail boats.