Thailand Weather Guide

As a country with tropical beaches and tropical jungles, it's only natural that Thailand has a tropical climate as well. As a result, Thailand only experiences 3 seasons; the dry, the hot and the wet. While the dry season is considered the best time to visit the country, the other seasons can provide lower hotel rates and optimal weather for outdoor activities too.

Season and Clothing

Dry Season: November to February

Also known as the cool season, Thailand's dry season is commonly regarded as the best time to visit when temperatures are mild enough for you to switch the air-conditioning off and dry enough for you to get by without an umbrella. To give you a general idea, temperatures during the dry season in Phuket average around 20 to 31 degrees Celsius. While this season offers the best weather, it also offers the most expensive prices, falling within the Christmas and New Year break when most people are on holidays.

Hot Season: March to June

As the name suggests, the hot season in Thailand is when temperatures reach their hottest. On average, you'll experience somewhere around 25 to 32 degrees Celsius in Phuket, with high humidity to make it that much more unpleasant. Such warm and humid weather makes physical activity quite hard to do during this time, but if you're planning a spa/shopping/air-conditioned holiday, the weather shouldn't affect your plans. Plus there's always the beaches, pools and the water-based Songkran Thai New Year festivities to cool you off.

Wet Season: July to October

Thailand's rainy season is the double whammy of seasons, bringing hot and rainy weather to the country, with plenty of humidity to boot. During this time, temperatures in Phuket average around 23 to 31 degrees Celsius with rainfall common. Don't let the wet put you off your holiday though. While rain is common, it usually falls in the afternoon or at night, leaving you to enjoy a dry morning and a break in the humidity at night when it's a good time to wander around the markets and hone your bargaining skills.