Turkey Transport Guide

In Turkey, you can travel around by train, bus, plane, car, ship or ferry. You can get public transport right around the country and to neighbouring countries too, just be aware of the entry and exit requirements.

How to get around Turkey

Turkey’s a pretty big country, so make sure you check the travel times before you book that massive leg on the bus, which is probably worthy of a flight. Turkish Airlines flies to many major cities in Turkey and flights are pretty affordable. There are also a bunch of other low cost airlines like Onur Air, Pegasus Air, Sun Express, Atlasjet and Anadolu Jet. But if the journey isn’t too far, a bus isn’t a bad option with daily services on luxury vehicles. Buses are also the preferred method of travel for locals, so you may need to book in advance. You can also travel around Turkey by train, though surprisingly trains are slower than buses in Turkey. They are quite comfortable and affordable though and operate frequently from Ankara to Istanbul. There are express trains, super expressers and sleeper trains too. Prefer to road trip it? There are loads of different car hire companies to choose from in Turkey.