United Kingdom Transport Guide

As a collection of small, modern countries, the UK provides an excellent transport services in the form of trains and underground rail, coaches, local buses, taxis, planes, trams and rentable cycles especially within city centres such as London. The quality of each service differs depending on how metropolitan the area is. Options to buy discounted rail passes are widely available and include weekly fares and family rates. Domestic travel by air is not particularly cost-effective due to the relatively small land mass of the UK, although it’s still on offer for those who find it more convenient, especially for visitors popping up to Scotland from London or vice versa.

How to get around the UK

Buses and inner-city trains are the most popular method of travelling between destinations within cities in the UK. To travel long distances, booking a coach is ideal as they usually depart from large city bus stations, however this option can add many hours to a simple journey as services sometimes pull in at cities along the way to pick other passengers up. London has the most extensive underground railway system in the tube, which connects to rail services in the outer residential districts of the capital. Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow also have metro systems, which are not as sizeable and are also run above ground like trams. Domestic airlines within the UK include British Airways, EasyJet and Flybe.  Inter-city train travel is popular with East Midlands trains servicing routes from London straight up through the middle of the England and up into Scotland. Be aware though, South Wales has the least amount of routes available within in the UK.

Local buses often have computerised bus stops with up-to-date timings of scheduled services. In the countryside, it is much easier to rent a car to get around as finding public transport that fits your schedule and goes to the correct destination is a little hit-and-miss. Roads are well-maintained, especially main routes; however traffic jams around major cities are common at peak times. If you’re travelling by car through mountain passes, be sure you’re up for it as the roads are a little hairy at times - a good example is the famous Hardknott Pass in Cumbria.