USA Transport Guide

From speedy subway systems to slow and steady long-distance buses, getting your way from A to B in the USA comes in a range of transportation options - even by mule in the Grand Canyon, Segway tours in Washington D.C., pushies in Portland and rollerblading in Venice Beach!

How to get around the USA

For the most part, the best way to get around the USA is behind the wheel. The open road is much beloved by Americans, as are big cars - and they're pretty affordable to buy if you're travelling for a while or opt for car hire. From RVs to Cadillacs and hummer trucks, when it comes to cars in the USA it's a case of the bigger the better. For those not quite comfortable driving a gas-guzzling beast on the opposite side of the road, leave it to the experts and take a coach tour. With hop-on, hop-off options from state to state, coach tours offer the experience of a road trip without the stress. The most popular long-distance US bus companies are Greyhound and Bamba Experience, both of which cross the majority of the states. Another scenic way to cross the country is by train. Amtrackcovers 46 states and offers a range of rail passes with some highlight journeys including New York City to Vermont and Oregon to British Columbia in Canada. If you are short on time, or want to cross the US using the quickest route, America is well served by a number of domestic and international airlines that'll get you to almost anywhere - including Alaska and Hawaii. Within the US cities and towns you'll also find a variety of public transport options including the subway, buses, light rail, cable cars, streetcars and those famous yellow cabs.