USA Weather Guide

At any given time in America, it could be snowing in Anchorage, raining in Seattle and sunny in Honolulu. Thus is the diversity and scope of the USA and its myriad climatic conditions. For ideal comfort, do your research and pack for the season and the cities on your US itinerary.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

Summer in the USA is best spent on the coast or down south when temperatures heat up and locals let loose on holidays.During this time, Hawaii, Miami, the Hamptons, Martha's Vineyard and Los Angeles are great places to soak up the sun and sea. Summer is also a perfect time to visit Seattle with comfortable temperatures and the persistent rain easing. New York can get pretty hot and steamy in the summertime, but it's also when there are less crowds and better room rates. Don't forget your bathing suit.

Autumn: September to November

Autumn, or 'fall' as the Americans refer to it, is an ideal time to visit the US, particularly in New England and states like Vermont, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina where the leaves turn vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red. Although temperatures are much cooler (note: ideal scarf weather), it is still a pleasant time to enjoy the outdoors and the country's spectacular nature. Fall is also the season of Halloween when locals go trick or treating on October 31and then it's Thanksgiving traditions on the fourth Thursday in November.

Winter: December to February

Winter in the USA is often snow covered, particularly inland and on the northeast coast. As such, skiing and snow-related activities are a popular winter pastime. Ski resorts that come alive during winter include Aspen in Colorado, Park City in Utah and Jackson Hole in Wyoming - perfect for powder hounds, boarders and apres-ski fans. Nowhere does Christmas quite like the States and cities like New York look quite magical in the festive season. For something a little warmer, winter in New Orleans offers mild temperatures and the city's famous Mardi Gras just before Lent.

Spring: March to May

Spring break! Spring in the USA sees temperatures warm up, flowers come into bloom and locals don new fashions to mark the new season. Some of the USA's best spring cities to visit include Portland in Oregon, Austin in Texas and the nation's capital, Washington D.C. in the District of Columbia. In Washington D.C., spring temperatures average around 13 to 20 degrees Celsius, which is ideal weather for the city's seasonal events such as the National Cherry Blossom Festival and White House Spring Garden Tours.