Venice Weather Guide

Days in Venice, much like the local food, tend to be warm and welcoming. In fact, the city is home to a subtropical climate where summers average a balmy 22 degrees Celsius and winters drop to a cool 2 degrees.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

Summers in Venice tend to be quite warm and humid with temperatures reaching around 27 degrees Celsius. During this time the days, particularly in June, are exceptionally beautiful. However, the downside to summer in Venice is that it also coincides with the peak season when tourists can outnumber locals 2 to 1. Due to the canals, mosquitoes in summer can also be quite bothersome, particularly if you are dining alfresco.

Average temperatures: 17 - 27 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Open shoes, sundresses, shorts and t-shirts.
Don't forget: Sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Autumn: September to November

If you're keen to avoid the peak crowds, autumn is a great season to spend in Venice. With the city's famous Biennale for Art running from June to November every second year, it is also a great opportunity to soak up the city's art without having to fight with too many crowds. The downside to the season is the tides. Flooding is a common occurrence in autumn, although the high water season has become a way of life for local Venetians and is no reason to cut your trip short.

Average temperatures: 9 - 23 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Light layers and a jacket or jumper.
Don't forget: Gumboots.

Winter: December to February

Due to its northern location in Italy, Venice tends to have longer and colder winters than Rome. With icy temperatures common, the tourist crowds are fewer and accommodation prices much lower than in summer. If you don't mind braving a few chilly days, then winter is a fantastic time to see Venice on the cheap. February also marks the beginning of the city's famous Carnival of Venice, which occurs annually just before the season of Lent and is marked by masquerade balls and Venetian masks.

Average temperatures: 0 - 8 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Warm layers and a big coat.
Don't forget: Your camera and a mask for Carnival.

Spring: March to May

The Carnival of Venice continues into spring when the temperatures warm up and tourists begin returning to the city. However, the crowds are still reasonably manageable and much of Venice will be yours to explore by yourself. During spring you should also be prepared for floods as high waters are common during this time. On April 25, Venice has a double celebration with the Festa di San Marco and Liberation Day commemorating the city's patron saint, St Mark, and the day Venice and Italy were liberated during World War II respectively.

Average temperatures: 12 - 21 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Light layers and a jumper for night-time.
Don't forget: Gumboots.