Vienna Transport Guide

The public transport system in Vienna is the envy of many European countries. Its integrated network includes buses, trams, trains, the underground (U-Bahn), and regional trains (S-Bahn). To make things even easier, the city’s public transport network only required you to buy one flat-fare ticket to ride any of their transport options.

How to get around Vienna

Public transport in Vienna is ace. You’ll rarely wait more than 5-10 minutes. Services kick off at around 5am with buses finishing around Midnight and trains finish around 1am. There are also 21 Nightline buses that run from 12:30am – 5am, so you’ll never be without public transport. You’ll find transport maps in all U-Bahn stations and at bus and tram stops. You can also purchase tickets at U-Bahn stations, but just remember once purchased, tickets will need to be validated before you travel (except if you’ve purchased a weekly or monthly ticket). If you’re hiring a car or motorcycle take care when you’re driving through the city – there’s a lot on one way streets. Another alternative to getting around Vienna is to hire a bike, and take advantage of the city’s cycle network which extends 700km.