Vietnam Transport Guide

From rail to bike and the back of an elephant, Vietnam offers plenty of transport options to traverse this fascinating country.

How to get around Vietnam

Think of getting around in Vietnam and you're bound to think of the chaotic roads. Endlessly humming with a stream of motorbikes with entire families riding on them and with little break to even cross the road. While things may look shambolic, transport in Vietnam is actually quite effective. Travelling between Hanoi in the north and Ho Chi Minh City in the south is done with the greatest of ease by rail, with international rail links to China, Cambodia and Laos also on offer. You can also fly quite cheaply within Vietnam if you are short on time. Long-distance also service the region extensively and are incredibly cheap, while for short distances, bicycle and motorbike hire is an easy fix. If you're not quite willing to master the roads, and car rental is not really a possibility in Vietnam, you can always hire a local driver leaving you to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Some cites and towns also have cyclos or pedicabs where you are pedalled through the streets. For something even more scenic, consider joining a cruise of the Mekong Delta or seeing Ha Long Bay by junk boat.