Wales Transport Guide

Wales is a pretty small country and it only takes 4 hours to drive between North and South Wales, but the spectacular landscape and interesting towns may tempt you to take the scenic route with car hire. If you don’t have a hire car, you can also get around Wales by train and bus.

How to get around Wales

Travelling in Wales is a breeze with rail services crossing through various regions. There’s lovely scenic routes too on the Conwy Valley, The Cambrian Coast and the Heart of Wales lines and constant connections to the main cities of Cardiff, Swansea and Newport plus steam engines rides on heritage railway routes. There’s also excellent bus services with a long-distance network from north to south. If you’d like to take in the incredible countryside on your own schedule, there are plenty of places where you can hire a car. Just try to avoid the M4 and anywhere in Cardiff during rush hour. Within the main Welsh cities, the contact nature makes it easy to get around by walking or cycling or take a taxi after a big night out on a pub crawl.