Become a “Burner” at Burning Man Festival, the week-long music, lifestyle, art and spiritual event in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. At Burning Man anything goes, and you are guaranteed to leave a different person to the one that arrived. Join more than 50,000 people who gather in the temporary Black Rock City to celebrate self-expression, art, music and humanity. The festival culminates in the main event- the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy.

Burning for Black Rock

Everyone is welcome at Burning Man Festival in the spectacular Black Rock Desert in Nevada, but know Burning Man is known to change people forever. New comers are called “Birgins” and nudity is openly accepted for those who feel like losing the layers, which will be easy to do in the scorching Nevada desert. Expect temperatures to reach 100 degrees! Hop from themed camp to themed camp and enjoy whatever is going on- including yoga, open bars, drum circles, bands, nude drawing or poetry. First timers are asked to ring a bell at the entrance to the festival and roll around in the dust so they “become one with the playa” before their festival experience begins.

Student Flights consultant Jen Wilson has written a great blog on her Burning Man experience. This massive event, which has become a worldwide phenomenon, attracts tens of thousands of people from around the world who descend on Burning Man’s Black Rock City, the world’s largest temporary city in the desert. Burning man has ten guiding principles including inclusion, self-expression, self-reliance, civic responsibility, "decommodification" and leaving no trace – so when the week is over, there is no sign Burning Man ever took place. Festival-goers take all their own camping supplies in, then take everything with them when they leave. Tie in with a trip to nearby Las Vegas!


When is it?

29th August 2016 to 25th September 2016

Tips and tricks

  • People either hire a car, or catch the Black Rock Express, which is the official Burning Man bus, to the event. Book your seats on the bus, or if you drive plan to arrive and depart at non-peak times (which are Sunday and Monday).

  • If you hire a car and drive to Burning Man keep an eye on the @BManTraffic Twitter feed and listen to BMIR on iHeartRadio for regular traffic updates.

  • Weather at Burning Man is unpredictable and sometimes violent with dust storms, high winds, freezing nights and scorching days. You are in the desert in Nevada after all. Be prepared and don't pack anything you don't want dust on!

  • It is your responsibility to take everything you take in back out again. From the largest tent, to the smallest bottle cap- keep everything secured and in one place so you don’t have to spend hours searching for it all during your pack up.

  • Planning and packing for Burning Man can be tough as you need to take everything in with you, including food, camping gear, clothes and toiletries. Some necessities include; lip balm, water, goggles (to keep the dust out of your eyes if the wind picks up), torch, AA batteries, clean towels, zip locked bags to store your belongings dust free.

  • No money changes hands once you’re in Black Rock City, so make sure you take some items you’d be willing to barter with.

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