Deutschland. A name often associated with music and industrialisation. Appropriately there is a German festival featuring both! Melt! takes place in a former brown coal mine dubbed 'The City of Iron' by organisers. Five massive coal excavators and their towers were saved when the mine closed in 1991 (it is now an open-air museum) and stand as an imposing setting for many events including this festival, which had enough impressive disco balls for Kylie Minogue to headline at in 2015.

Far from wurst

Melt! takes place in an abandoned coal mine somewhere between Berlin and Leizig. Past acts include Portishead, Oasis, Kylie Minogue, Massive Attack, Underworld, Giorgio Moroder, Aphex Twin, Phoenix and La Roux, to name a few. A three day festival that originally started in 1997, it now registers as one of the best medium-sized festivals in Europe. Think electro, hip hop, mainstream, indie, subculture and light-filled gigs with parties befitting of its rave loving and techno origins.

Set by a beautiful lake, festival-goers are able to swim, bbq many a wurst and relax outside of the music attractions and in the camping area. Many a glass of Prosecco seems to be the standard drink procedure, there are no curfews and the community-vibe is a special aspect.  Nearby Berlin is of course also famous for its music/party scene and The Germans are known to put on a good time. Approximately just 10% of the crowd have been from abroad in previous years (the hoards of British etc. going for larger festivals) and consequently represents a legitimate foreign festival experience.


When is it?

15th July 2016 to 17th July 2016

Tips and tricks

  • Bring an air mattress. Along with being a bed, it also acts as a flotation device for swimming.

  • With no music cut-offs, you can party all day and night.

  • Food and beverages on-site are reasonably priced for a festival and there is also a nearby supermarket if you need your own supplies to cook.

  • A few Australians have caught on that the nearby German capital is great destination (fun, affordable, extreme history, excellent scenes etc.). Do not miss it on the side; Student Flights can help you get there.

  • Like any festival camping experience, over-packing is possible, security can be an issue and your neighbours can become your best friends.

  • European Summer is big time for festivals - why not try attend a few?

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