Pink Pop Festival or PINKPOP is the Netherland’s leading rock music festival. Everyone from Pharrell Williams and Robbie Williams to Bruce Sprinsteen, Green Day, Muse and beyond have graced the stages of this colorful and loud tribute to Pentecost. Think 40 of the world’s best bands and camping with 45,000 of your new mates all dressed in pink for this super-chilled and rockin’ summer festival held over three days in the south of the Netherlands.

The pink really pops!

When Primus played PINKPOP in 1998, fans went so wild it caused an earthquake that made the Richter scale. Despite this true display of rock concert awesome, Pinkpop Festival is revered as a very chilled and harmonious festival. Fans take the ‘pink’ in Pink Pop seriously, with some not only wearing the colour but also dying their hair or painting their skin in tribute. This three-day festival involves 45,000 people camping on the green grounds of Landgraaf and having a great time watching 40-plus world-class bands over three stages.

In 2014, the likes of Arcarde Fire, Metallica, Ed Sheeran and Robert Plant performed for Pinkpop’s 45th anniversary. Throughout the years, big names including U2, Tori Amos, Radiohead, Moby, Lou Reed and Dire Straits have all graced the stages of this seasoned European festival. The festival is also well-known for breaking future rock stars. Forget Glastonbury and head to Pink Pop, held typically in May or June, for a truly sensational tribute to rock and fun.


When is it?

10th June 2016 to 12th June 2016

Tips and tricks

  • Pinkpop Festival is very popular. We recommend booking your flights, accommodation and transfers in advance.

  • Student Flights can arrange a tour to take away your hassles, like bringing a tent.

  • The Pinkpop Festival is held at a former racehorse track in Landgraaf, south Netherlands.

  • If you’re planning your own travel arrangements, know that Brussels in Belgium is around 100 kilometres closer than Amsterdam. You can catch trains from both in around three hours.

  • Get into the spirit of things and wear pink! No one cares if it’s not ‘salmon’ here.

  • Use PINKPOP as an opportunity to try all of the best Dutch cuisine, from frites to kaasfondue (that’s chips and cheese).

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