The world's oldest popular music festival, Reading takes place alongside Leeds Festival with a shared bill. Held over three days, the genres usually featured are rock, indie, punk and metal. Acts have included Nirvana, Alice Cooper, Bonnie Tyler, Suede, Blur, Public Enemy, Sisters of Mercy, Swans and The Beastie Boys.

Memorable moments

The festival has featured a number of historical musical events and even was cancelled due to conservative government at a point in The 1980s. Attempts to go more commercial resulted in Meatloaf being bottled off-stage in 1988, Kurt Cobain famously appeared in a wheelchair for what was to become their last UK gig in 1992 and The Stone Roses disastrous performance in 1996 resulted in the band breaking up.

The town of Reading dates back to the 8th Century and it has long featured as a major centre in England despite being close to London. Located in The Thames Valley, it is also famous for The Abbey of Reading, Reading University and its football club. The festival is accessible from town and preferable food, toilet and other supply options are worth the walk. We hear Chili Peppers are headling in 2016. 


When is it?

26th August 2016 to 28th August 2016

Tips and tricks

  • You're in the UK so chances of rain are always about. Pack accordingly.

  • There's lockers for hire to store extras and valuables.

  • The festival offers fancier (and presumably cleaner) alternative toilets at a fee. Luxury camping options are available.

  • Phone signal is good considering the closeness to town however the number of people means internet etc may be slow.

  • Bring a torch, especially if camping.

  • Trains and coaches can take you to Reading and there are dedicated festival buses for £1 to the actual site.

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