Fancy a spot of T in the Park? Attracting over 255,000 people each year, this Scottish music festival features three days of glorious music held in a castle! Strathallen Castle provides the venue for T in the Park, which has been brewing since 1994 and happens to be the second largest greenfield festival in the UK behind Glastonbury. More than 70, 000 camp alone!

T for Tennents

The T in T in the Park stands for Tennents, the festival's main sponsor and brewing company that produces most of the lager for the event. Now the drinks are sorted, be prepared to be blown away by some amazing acts that have been making this festival great since the 90s. Previous artists have included Crowded House, Yothu Yindi, Cypress Hill, Björk, Elastica, Alanis Morissette, The Verve, Cocteau Twins, Lamb, Green Velvet, Morcheeba and Mogwai. The festival usually sells out in record time and attracts crowds in excess of 250,000 (that's more than the population of Hobart!).

With nearly 20 stages of music playing over three days, T in the Park settled into its new home in Strathallan Castle grounds in Perthshire with new and return acts including Kasabian, The Libertines and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. And what a great housewarming it was! Scotland is a favourite destination for many and the natural beauty, whiskey and Haggis are all attractions. The country is divided into The Highlands and The Lowlands with Edinburgh (the capital) and Glasgow being the two major cities. A rich history featuring independence, Romans, Gaelics, Celts and kilts are all easily explorable and Student Flights can help plan this.


When is it?

08th July 2016 to 10th July 2016

Tips and tricks

  • T in the Park is ridiculously popular so booking everything in advance is recommended - especially tickets!

  • T in the Park is held at Strathallan Castle, Perthshire. You can't walk there from anywhere, but additional Translink services are put on from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and nearly 70 other locations.

  • When you camp you can order your Tennents drinks (like cider) to be prepared and chilled for you daily.

  • If you're not camping you can't re-enter the venue on the same day

  • Scotland is if course prone to rain and cold temperatures. Pack appropriately.

  • Water is provided on site and toilets are cleaned daily. Try to figure out what time that is if possible.


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