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Cairo is not just a city, it’s a densely populated metropolis absolutely bursting at its seams and straddling both Africa and the Middle East. Whether you’re catching a camel straight from the city itself to the surrounding Pyramids of Giza, the infamous Sphinx, Memphis or Sakkara, your time in the city of Cairo itself promises to be nothing short of exhilarating. Home to more than 16 million people, Cairo is easily one of the world’s busiest cities, and despite boasting ancient artefacts and museums spilling with centuries-old treasures, the city is a modern and pulsating hotspot that you will never forget. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck when hotfooting it to Cairo, we've got some of the best budget airfares to the Egyptian capital, hands down.

Flights from Australia to Cairo will usually touch down at Cairo International Airport (CAI), Egypt’s busiest entry and exit point and just 15 kilometres from the heart of the CBD. Catch public transport, shuttle services, taxis or even a limousine into the city centre to start your Egyptian expedition. Our helpful Student Flight consultants can help you organise stress-free transfers to get your Egyptian excursion off on the right foot.

Cairo Flights

Flights from Australia to Cairo depart from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with connections from other capital cities. The flight time is between 23 and 25 hours with at least one stopover. The good news is that stopovers include unparalleled opportunities to explore the world-famous shopping malls and skyscrapers in Dubai, settle down for some rest and relaxation in balmy Singapore, or to sample the sights of London, perhaps. All international airlines provide food, drink and in-flight entertainment options onboard your aircraft. For more information and flight services, check out our airline guide.

Airlines that fly to Cairo

Major airlines that fly from Australia to Cairo:

Cairo Holiday Packages

Your essential guide to Egypt is all wrapped up in one of our fantastic Cairo holiday package offerings. Languish in the lap of luxury at several of the 4-star hotels included on our tours, be linked with knowledgeable and personable guides as you take in the amazing ancient yet ageless sights and sounds of the Giza Plateau, Temples of Luxor and Karnak and Abu Simbel or the historic Valley of the Kings and do it all in the company of English-speaking companions. Ask a Student Flights travel consultant about how best to pinch your pennies and when it’s a good idea to take the lavish road every now and again.

About Cairo

Cairo is more than just that city your history teacher used to bang on about, it’s an iconic must-see wonder of the world that your passport is striving to be stamped within. Discover the eye-opening Midan Tahrir area of the city as you imagine back to what it looked like in the 19th century under Khedive Ismail. Find out what they mean when they refer to the 'Paris on the Nile', and travel through the streets of Ma’adi and Helipolis to see how the locals live – worlds away from your own affluent abode. Every day in Egypt will make you feel like an eyewitness to some incredible moment in history, and the term “in the olden days” will take on a whole new meaning once you’ve sampled sights such as the legendary Great Pyramids and tombs.

We have plenty of experience putting together the perfect Egyptian itinerary, so ask one of our travel consultants for their favourite tours and packages and check out our Cairo Travel Guide for inspiration. Our competent and experienced Student Flights travel consultants will offer the best tips to find the best value on flights, accommodation and tours to Cairo.

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