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Ireland – the island of leprechauns and warm beer – and some pretty smashing pub crawl opportunities too. There are historically 32 countries in Ireland and the island itself has been divided politically for the best part of the last century. Your tour of this remarkable part of the world will introduce you to sheer, unadulterated natural beauty – from windswept cliffs to rain-soaked countryside, Ireland offers up any number of natural attractions that you won’t find comparisons for anywhere else on the world globe. The Boyne Valley includes Newgrange, a historic site believed to have been built 5,000 years ago and featuring mega ancient passage tombs and prehistoric history that will blow your mind. Once you’ve returned from your tours of Giant’s Causeway or the Aran Islands you will be in need of an ale or 10 – the pubs, bars and clubs in Dublin will not disappoint – and will keep you busy until dawn when your sightseeing starts up all over again. Student Flights can get you to Ireland with cheap airfares, and if you’re wanting to keep as many of your Euros as you can to spend on your nightlife antics, check out our Black Market Flights to save even more on your flights to Dublin.

Flights from Australia to the Republic of Ireland will generally arrive at Dublin Airport (DUB). To concentrate on the southern area of Ireland it may be more convenient to organise flights to arrive at Cork Airport (ORK). Dublin Airport handles over 4 times the international passengers as its closest rival Belfast (Northern Ireland). And Cork handles only just over half the air traffic of Belfast. Buses and taxis are popular choices to continue into the city centre or to the nearest major rail station. Rail connections then service most regional areas of Ireland. Speak to your Student Flights consultant for information on convenient transfers at your arrival location or advice on rental cars and private transfers.

Ireland Flights

Flights from Australian cities to Dublin will require one stopover in the Middle East. Departure from Sydney to Dublin via Abu Dhabi has a total flight time of 22.5 hours. Leaving from Perth, you'll first fly to Dubai (11 hours) then change to a connecting flight to Dublin (8 hours). To disembark in Cork, 2 stopovers will be required. From Brisbane, first fly to Singapore (8.5 hours) then on to London (13 hours) where a short connecting flight to Cork (1.5 hours) can be arranged. On international flights expect catering with a variety of meals and drink as well as in-flight entertainment options including movies and magazines. Shorter flights may offer a light refreshment. For specific services, check out our airline guide.

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Ireland Holiday Packages

Immersing yourself in Irish culture is all about the pubs, the countryside, the history and the people – and if you’re into fishing and angling, you will be in luck as this is a part of the world has that covered off too. Student Flights travel consultants can put together the best holiday packages to Ireland that include the cheapest flights, accommodation and transfers on offer.

About Ireland

Divided politically since 1920, Northern Ireland has remained part of the United Kingdom with the rest or Ireland gaining independence and breaking away in 1922. Wherever you are in Ireland one things remains the same – the locals are devoted to their sports, mostly soccer and Gaelic Football. If you’re heading to Ireland for a holiday, a trip to Galway is a must along with tours of the Aran Islands, which have remained largely unchanged for centuries and boast breathtakingly beautiful stretches of beach. The Ring of Kerry is the place to go if you’re seeking some time off land and on the water with a few romantic castles thrown in for good measure. The Cliffs of Moher are an absolute must-see and stretch for almost 10 kilometres over the Atlantic Ocean. But while the natural wonders of Ireland are many and varied, one of the most popular tourist destinations is the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, which walks you through how the famous drink is made and offers up plenty of chances to sample it heartily too.

Travelling to Ireland requires a bit of forward planning if you’re keen to take in as many sights as possible and build up your best beer-swilling fitness and the team at Student Flights know all of the tricks and tips for finding you the best deals to make your tour of Ireland one to remember. For more information about what to see and do in Ireland, we've collated more tips for you in our Ireland Travel Guide.

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