Sometimes life gets a little cray-cray. Student Flights Essentials gives you the right cover to get you out of any hairy situations, all in a neat little bundle for a small price. Made your mind up on your travel dates, not likely to break your leg? Go with Basics cover for $59*. Flying by the seat of your pants, need the flexibility for changes? Get covered with Black Market Essentials for $99*. Now you can spend less time worrying and more time saying YOLO.

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Student Flights Essentials (“SFE”) conditions and terms of use are as detailed below, inclusions and exclusions of this product may change at any time without notice; please refer to the website for the most current terms and Frequently Asked Questions (‘FAQ’) or see your travel consultant for details. The “SFE” packages are exclusive to Student Flights retail stores in Australia; non refundable and must be paid in full when purchasing any Student Flights land, air product or cruise (flights must depart from Australia) other than travel insurance or Key to the World® Currency Card. Student Flights booking terms and conditions apply when purchasing a “SFE” package. Black Market Flights are available to full-time students holding a valid Student Flights Identity Card and/or be a youth under 30. DOMESTIC New Zealand only available for customers departing East Coast Australia and South Australia. Bali only available for customers departing Western Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory. PRICE DROP PROTECTION (“PDP”) If the price of your land, air or cruise product falls below your purchase price, we will refund you the difference via a Student Flights Gift Card. “PDP” applies to fares, accommodation, cruise and tour prices purchased in conjunction with a “SFE” package only and may only be claimed once. $19 Domestic, $59 Basics and $99 Essentials all limited to $1000 claim. “PDP” applies to genuine fares from airlines, accommodation, cruise and tour suppliers and other Australian registered businesses and websites for travel that originates/departs from Australia. To qualify fare, accommodation, cruise or tour price must be in accordance with the following a) in writing and presented to us on the same day as it was advertised b) presented to us within 30 days from the date of deposit on original “SFE” booking (prior to departure) and must be for the same form of payment c) price must be available and be able to be booked by the general public at time of claiming “PDP”. The written fare, accommodation, cruise or tour price must show the date it was advertised and the final price including all applicable fees and charges (including booking/ service fees and all charges for the form of payment chosen) d) quoted prices available due to membership of a group or corporate entity or subscription to a closed group are excluded. Should the fare, accommodation, cruise or tour price be less than your original Student Flights Essentials booking we will issue a Gift Card to you for the value of the difference. Standard Gift Card terms and conditions apply. See website for more information on how to claim Price Drop Protection THREE DATE CHANGES are included with the $99 Black Markets Essentials package only once travel has commenced as per your itinerary as purchased, and have departed Australia. All airline costs relating to date changes will be covered, however any additional fare or tax increase will be charged (i.e. applicable if you are changing to a more expensive fare). Payments are in accordance with our standard payment terms and conditions. Changes are permitted on the following airlines: Air New Zealand, Etihad Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar, South African Airways, Virgin Australia and Latam Airlines.. Student Flights Essentials cannot be purchased if any part of the airfare is ‘Non Changeable’. To request a date change simply email or call +61 2 8512 9600 once you’ve departed Australia to make your changes. TRAVEL INSURANCE EXCESS includes up to $100AUD payment (maximum) for Covermore Insurance excess. When a Cover-More travel insurance policy is purchased (and paid in full) on the same itinerary as the Student Flights Basics package, should you make an eligible claim on that policy, we will rebate the value of the excess deducted from your approved claim up to a maximum of $100. To obtain your excess rebate, simply tell your Cover-More claims officer at time of claim and complete a rebate form with Student Flights Basics package proof of purchase. Flight Centre Travel Group Limited is an Authorised Representative of Cover-More Insurance Services Pty Ltd AFSL 241713. Limits, exclusions and conditions apply. This is general advice only. We do not provide any advice based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Consider the Combined FSG/ PDS (available from us) before deciding about this insurance. The issuer of insurance is Great Lakes Australia ARBN 127 740 532, ABN 18 964 580 576, AFSL No. 318603. INTERNATIONAL SIM card is provided by, Inc. and is subject to the terms and conditions of use of eKit. com, Inc. Student Flights takes no responsibility with regards to international call and data rates, and encourages users to understand the call and data charges applicable. Offer is for an International SIM including $5 credit plus $5 bonus credit on first recharge, and free delivery in Australia. You need to register to redeem your SIM card with $5 credit. A minimum of $30 recharge applies to receive your additional $5 bonus credit. ekit will endeavour to deliver your order within 5 working days. Offer expires October 2018. All information including latest rates and terms please go to Correct at 11 Jan 2018. TRANSFERABLE AIRFARE DEPOSIT If you change your mind about where or when you want to go, prior to full payment of airfare Student Flights can transfer your airfare deposit to another booking or provide you with a Student Flights Gift Card for the deposit amount to use on another booking. Not valid in conjunction with Student Flights Layby. PRIORITY 24/7 SUPPORT The dedicated priority assist line is provided as a complimentary service for all Student Flights customers. This service is an Australian based Customer Care call centre and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. Travel restrictions and conditions apply. Please ask us for further details. Flight Centre Travel Group Limited (ABN 25 003 377 188) trading as Student Flights. ATAS Accreditation No. A10412. SF1429_191217

What airlines are applicable for date changes with Black Market Essentials?

Student Flights Black Market Airlines are all included, and are exclusive to travellers under the age of 26 or full time students. The airlines are as follows: Air New Zealand, Etihad Airways, Latam Airlines, Qantas, Qatar, South African, and Virgin Australia. (note: these carriers may change at any time, please check with your travel consultant for the most up-to-date information)

When can I request a date change?

Requests to change your travel dates can only be requested once your outbound flight (departing Australia) has been travelled.
Requests to change dates can be made via the following:

Note: a maximum of three date changes are permitted on your booking, when purchased with Black Market Essentials.

Are there flights that can’t be changed?

Yes. If you purchase a non-Black Market fare that the airline determines is ‘not changeable’, then you won’t be able to apply your ‘Free Change’. Your Student Flights travel consultant will make you aware of this, and any other restriction when booking your flights. Some round-the-world airfare are not eligible to be combined with Black Market Essentials.

I change my flights, are there additional costs?

Yes, if you are changing to a more expensive fare, such as changing from low-season to high season, or changing to a flight that has limited availability, or when you need to change to a different booking class. Your Student Flights travel consultant will be able to advise you of your options.

Can Black Market Essentials be purchased after I've made full payment?

No. You must purchase your Black Market Essentials pack prior to making full payment on your flights.

What happens if my flights are code-share with another airline?

Providing your ticket is plated to a Black Market airline, that departs and returns to Australia it will be eligible for three date changes and price drop protection.

Are round-the-world tickets included?

Yes. Most round-the-world tickets are included. They may incur additional charges due to variances in airline taxes and fare costs.

What is the 'Price Drop Protection'?

A customer who purchases Black Market Essentials (BME) fare is entitled to a refund on the price difference if they find a cheaper advertised fare within 30 days of paying in full for their ticket (or prior to departure, whichever is sooner).

What are the conditions?

  • This applies to Black Market (BM) carriers only
  • The customer must provide us with evidence of the cheaper advertised fare within 30 days of paying in full for their BM fare and before departure – whichever is sooner
  • The price must be on the same carrier, same dates, same routing and same booking class.
  • The price difference is applied to the total airfare plus taxes and surcharges. E.g. The original fare was $900 plus $250 taxes ($1,150). The cheaper fare two weeks later is $850 plus $265 taxes ($1,115). The refund amount is $35 taking into account the total difference at time of comparing the prices.
  • The refund is provided in the form of a Student Flights Gift Card only

Do we require the cheaper advertised fare in writing?

This is preferable but not necessary. We should verify the advertised fare by checking the source. Contact your Product Manager if you need assistance with this.

What if the customer books a BM fare and is departing within 30 days?

They have 30 days to provide us with a cheaper advertised fare or do so before departure – whichever occurs first.

What if the customer is booked and ticketed in M class for example and they find a cheaper advertised fare in a lower booking class – it’s not apples for apples?

Our Price Drop Protection applies to the applicable booking class and does not apply when the new fare is in a different class to the one booked. If you have any questions about this, you can call your Product manager for advice.

What if the customer finds a cheaper advertised fare on the same carrier, same routing, same booking class and same date but on a different flight number?

Our BME Price Drop Protection applies when all the conditions match – date, booking class, routing and flight number.

Can I approve a Price Drop Protection refund automatically?

As with the current price beat process, if the difference between the two fares is $60 or less per adult, you may automatically approve and issue a gift card for the difference. If the amount is greater than $60 per adult, you must contact your Product manager for approval.

Can the customer go to any Flight Centre brand store to claim their Price Drop Protection refund?

No. We would direct all customers back to the consultant and store they made the original booking with. If the customer does not wish to deal with their original consultant or store, please contact your Product team for advice.

How do I record the Price Drop Protection refunds? Will I sit on a negative?

All Price Drop Protection refunds must be recorded. As a temporary measure to assist with the new process, we will use the Price Beat Portal to record these.

For Price Drop Protection transactions only:

  1. Open the Price Beat Portal
  2. Select 'international air'
  3. Select the competitor as 'Price Drop Protection'
  4. Select the carrier and complete the other fields with the normal information
  5. Where you can, attach a copy of the new, lower advertised fare
  6. If automatically approved, issue a gift card for the total amount
  7. If pending approval, contact your Product team

What if my customer wants a cash refund?

The customer facing terms and conditions will clearly state that the only refund permitted will be in the form of a Student Flights gift card.

What if the customer brings in a cheaper price for a fare that wasn't a BM fare?

The Price Drop Protection only applies to BM fares. If the customer presents a quote at time of booking then our standard price beat process comes into play. If a customer presents a cheaper quote after the booking has been ticketed and it was not a BM fare then they are not entitled to a Price Drop Protection refund. Contact your Product team if you need to query this.

What can the gift card be used towards?

The gift card can be used for all travel products we sell except Cash Passport and foreign currency. All gift cards are valid for 12 months.

Does the customer have to redeem their gift card with their original store?

No. The customers can redeem the gift cards in any Student Flights store (Obviously the aim is for the customer to deal with you!!)

How do we order more gift cards?

Please go to ‘Gift Cards and Registry’ on the intranet and follow the prompts or contact Gift Cards Support Australia in the phone book on (03) 90263859

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