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Eveleigh NSW 2015

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Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Phone:04 2135 0460

Meet the Crew

Tiffany Hocking

tiffany hocking

French and Spanish

First trip overseas?Italy, France and Malaysia
Dream destination?Antarctica - but this is all booked in to tick off the list!
Your top travel tip?Chat with the locals, and don't be afraid to try your hand at a few local phrases - they will LOVE you for it!
What do you always take with you?My phone for sure - got to get that perfect selfie!

Stephanie Wilson

stephanie wilson

Dream destination? Antarctica.
Your top travel tip? Eat where the locals eat.
What do you always take with you? A good book and medication for gastro.

Caleb Van Schmal

caleb van schmal

Chat with me in French and Spanish!

Dream destination? India.
Your top travel tip? Put your phone and laptop away – it blocks you from what’s going on around you. Nothing is changing at home, but you’re missing the opportunity to change yourself.
What do you always take with you? Sunglasses and a good book.

peter bedford

Melanie Cameron

melanie cameron

First trip overseas?A 6 month RTW trip through the USA, Europe and the UK.
Dream destination?Trans-Mongolian Railway
Your top travel tip?Don't sweat it if something small goes wrong, it is all a part of the experience and will probably one day make for a good story. Oh and learn to say thank-you everywhere you can. Giving it a go goes a long way!
What do you always take with you?Passport * important!, good walking shoes and an open mind. Get involved and do things that challenge you. Travel is such an incredible opportunity to try new things, go for it.

Maz Ng

marilyn ng

Basic conversational Japanese

First trip overseas?I moved to England when I was 5 and was soon introduced to the world of skiing in Austria. Thus igniting my passion for travel and snow related adventures around the globe.
Dream destination?Chile - Where I can snowboard, surf and get my Latin dancing on!
Your top travel tip?Smile, be friendly and don't be afraid to have a chat with the people around you or ask for help if you need it.
What do you always take with you?Mentally, a sense of adventure :D Physically, my Kindle, my phone for Google Maps, a pen and my travel mug so I can avoid buying plastic water bottles. Save the environment!

james mcmahen

kelly-ann snyders

seanne inkpen

First trip overseas? Singapore.
Dream destination? The Caribbean.
Your top travel tip? Get involved! Learn a few key phrases, eat where the locals do, go where the locals go.
What do you always take with you? My camera.

Kirstie Brady

kirstie brady

First trip overseas?Spain
Dream destination?Iceland
Your top travel tip?Keep an Open Mind and Take Plenty of Photos
What do you always take with you?Camera

jacquline mangalino

Georgia Galati

georgia galati

Dream destination? I can't wait to go back to Sitges Beach in Spain.
Your top travel tip? Try as many new things as possible, and don't spend your holiday on your phone!
What do you always take with you? Sunscreen and a good book.

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