Egypt Tours

Egypt is a land of ancient wonders just waiting to be explored. But, precious traces of the past are not confined to land. You’ll find haunting remnants of history under water too; in shipwrecks just off the coast of Egypt, at the eastern harbour of Alexandria and in Aboukir Bay.

Step back in time to ancient Egypt

So, it’s not all pyramids and mummies - there’s more than meets the eye in Egypt. And, Egypt tour packages are the best way to learn more about this intriguing country.

If you’d rather explore on your own, but want a little introduction to this ancient land, Egypt day tours or Cairo day tours might be a good option. With Egypt day tours you can pick and choose what attractions and activities you’d like to experience. Pyramids and museums? A Nile cruise? Hot air balloon ride over Luxor? Snorkelling with dolphins? Take your pick and build your holiday around the things you want to do.

And if pyramids are the major drawcard for you, Cairo day tours are just the thing. Plus, there are plenty of other cheap Egypt tours that’ll float your boat like a cruise down the majestic Nile River! It’s an incredible way to see Egypt for a surprisingly affordable price.

Or maybe you’d like to see a little of Jordan too? Well with Egypt and Jordan tours you can get the best of both countries with a variety of ancient wonders in one package. Not only will you get to explore the pyramids, you’ll also get to see the magical ancient lost city of Petra, arguably the jewel of the Middle East.

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