Get amongst it with Geckos Adventures

If your idea of an awesome trip is a rickety bus ride on a wild stretch of coast, sitting next to an old lady with a cage full of guinea pigs, only to have one of them turn up roasted on your dinner plate that night - then look no further.

Geckos Adventures tours rock that fine line between highlights highway and the road less travelled. They blend the best bits of the best guidebooks with shiny local gems you'd be hard pressed to find without the help of their super-savvy local guides.

Your guide, your ride, a comfy bed and all your entrance fees are also included in one cushy price. They'll even throw in a few set meals as well while also giving you plenty of opportunities to tuck into the local fare of your choosing along the way.

In case you're wondering,  Geckos tours are exclusively aged from 18 to 29. Geckos tour groups aren't massive either with an average of 12 people and a max of 20 (22 on some Geckos Africa trips). And you're always free to do your own thing if you need a bit of breathing space.

When it comes to cruising on a Geckos tour, you'll find yourself on buses, bikes, boats, trains, canoes, rafts and the odd camel. On Geckos tours in Africa though, you'll be kickin' it with the baby elephants in a special safari vehicle, custom built for maximum bumfort. Think about it.

And when it's time for snoozin, you'll mostly crash in cosy, family-run places. The more remote the Geckos adventure, the more basic the digs (Bedouin tent, anyone?) and when it gets really wild (yes you, Africa) you'll get to camp most nights. All the gear and food is provided so don't freak out if you've never camped before. You know what they say, "the greatest hotel has 5 billion stars".

One last thing kitty cats…
On Geckos Africa trips, a 'kitty payment' is required in cash (generally paid on Day 1) and covers most on-ground expenses.

Why Geckos has got your back

The price is right
On a Geckos tour, all the essential stuff is included in the one great price, except for some meals (no matter, you'll enjoy figuring out the local word for 'tripe'). And the price you're quoted when you book and pay your deposit will not change, guaranteed. No ifs, buts or "oops, we had an unexpected supplier cost thingy at our end sorry-thank you-too-bad". Nope. What you see is what you pay.
Locals do it better
Geckos tour guides are local lads and ladies. They not only speak the language, but they know the customs and where that random bar with its own volleyball court is. Handy much?
Epic itineraries
Sometimes stuff is so popular that it becomes unreal. So they're not going to drive past a pyramid on a Gecko tour just to prove they're cool. What they will do is head off the beaten track and forge a new one, so get set for an adventure.
The 'no-pike' promise
You're there, you're pumped, you're ready to go. Don't worry, Geckos will be too. Every Geckos adventure is guaranteed and will run as scheduled. Only Baby Jeebers himself can cancel a trip.
Travelling solo?
So you're more of a Lone Ranger? It's cool, Geckos gets it. And they won't charge you extra for it either. Just let them know and they'll make sure your roomie's got the same bits as you. Or for a bit more coin, on most Gecko tours you can opt for your own room and snore to your heart's content.

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