USA Tours

USA. OMG! It’s the land of opportunity. The land of supersized everything. Everything in the United States is done with such gusto and there’s so much excitement all year round, it’s no wonder you want to tour America. Student Flights has got a sweet selection of USA tours you’ll love.

Take your bite of the US of A

Take Alcatraz tours. The infamous San Francisco jail held some of America’s most notorious crims, and on an Alcatraz tour, you can peek inside this legendary prison on an island. It’s just a boat ride from San Francisco and the amazing Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco tours are definitely worth including in your USA itinerary.

If you’re spending some time in California, check out Los Angeles tours. Obsessed with the lifestyles of the rich and the famous? Look into Hollywood tours - they’ll leave you with stars in your eyes. And, if the highroller lifestyle is making you wish your student income stretched a little further, maybe you should gamble on Las Vegas tours? Las Vegas is the party capital of the US and heaps of fun!

You can also take Grand Canyon tours from Vegas. You’ll be blown away by the sheer size of the area, and the best way to see this amazing natural sight is with a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, or there’s plenty of other Grand Canyon tours that are equally as awesome.

On the topic of natural wonders, don’t forget Niagara Falls. Renowned for its beauty, if you’re visiting the Big Apple you can take Niagara Falls tours from New York. Ah New York, New York! You really need to take a big bite out of this Big Apple. The best way to explore all of the NYC boroughs is with New York tours for all the major sights plus some local hotspots.

For what’s happening in the US now and the deets on the best US tours, call Student Flights. We’ve also got sweet deals on stacks of other US tours like Alaska tours, and Route 66 tours, so give us a call now on 1800 046 462.